Visual Orangator's info page

Visual Orangator is a sound generator - program that lets you create sounds without sampling. It is very useful for people who want to make their own samples, but don't have an analogue synthesizer or a professional sampler. Visual Orangator is continuation of Orangator - a great virtual synthesizer, but the main difference is that it's modular. Rendering sounds now makes by units and each unit makes a one function of the following list: (great feature - unlimited number of units)

PlayBack, Oscillator, Linear Envelope, Graphic Envelope, Resonance, Amplifier, Mixer,
Noice generator, Harmonic generator, Add, Sequencer, Sequencer frequency,
Sequencer envelope, Sample player, Reverse, Silence generator, WrapOverdrive, Flanger, Chorus

Visual Orangator supports it's own file format ".vop" and export to ".wav" file.

Download Visual Orangator 1.0 (200k) (c) Agent Orange (Sharonov Oleg)

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